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Saturday June 15, 2013

Holy shit. First news update of 2013, and the year is half over already. Yeah, we're still lazy when it comes to updating this site. Well anyway, the news is that we'll be travelling to Calgary to play at the Terminus Festival in 2 weeks with a crazy amount of bands from all corners of the so called industrial scene. Afterwards, we'll be playing a few Canadian dates with our good friends Defence Mechanism (who have recruited the Moseley brothers to aid in their fight agains't the robot brains). This will be the first time that Western Canada gets to see the 7 member Promonium live band. Should be fun.

Oh yeah, we'll probably play a few new songs. And then there'll be a fall US tour with En Esch and Bile. More on that later. - Ethan


Tuesday November 27, 2012

Working on new music.


Sunday September 2nd, 2012

Well, we had an amazing time touring with Slick Idiot and Mona Mur. We've had some time to rest, and starting Tuesday we'll be hitting the road for 4 shows opening for Hanzel Und Gretyl. After that, it's studio time.


Thursday May 31st, 2012

Tour dates are up for the Classick Tour 2012. We'll be opening for Slick Idiot VS Mona Mur/En Esch for the first few weeks of their tour (July 4-22), but our very own Ethan Moseley will be playing drums for them throughout the entire thing.


Saturday March 31st, 2012

We're playing in Toronto on Saturday April 7th at The Devil's Cellar in Toronto. Also on the bill are Adaptive Reaction and Nanochrist, and the show is ALL AGES!

We did a remix of the song Justice for Mona Mur & En Esch, and it's now available from iTunes. Get it here.


Wednesday March 21st, 2012

We're playing our first show of the year at Cafe Dekcuf in Ottawa on April 6th. We're playing with Adaptive Reaction, Nanochrist, and High Heels Lo Fi, with DJ Th'Elf spinning sweet tracks in between. It's a benefit show to buy brand new robot eyes for our good friend Ryan Clark. This show will also be the live debut of the 2 live drummer configuration of Promonium Jesters.

Summer touring is expected.


Thursday January 26th, 2012

The website has a new look. I say this everytime, but I'll try to keep it more up to date this time. Recordings are being made, tours are being booked. 2012 should be an interesting year. -Ethan


Thursday Sept. 8th, 2011

TOUR! We're hitting the road with industrial music legends EN ESCH, GÜNTER SCHULZ, and MONA MUR for some shows across Canada. Along the way we'll also play a few dates with HANZEL UND GRETYL. Can you dig it?


Monday June 13, 2011

The Divine Rust 2.0 Tour feature yours truly with our good friends Nanochrist, Defence Mechanism, and DJ Th'Elf kicks off on Friday. Click here for dates.

A review of our show with Adaptive Reaction in Lethbridge last month has made it online here.


Friday March 18, 2011

We'll be hitting the road once again with Adaptive Reaction this May. Dates have been posted here.

We've also repressed Time and Place, Your Face, and Psychic Warfare. Get them here.


Sunday January 2nd, 2011


Hey everyone, we have a new single out.
It's for the Fix - The Ministry Movie contest.
See if you can pick out which parts are Paul Barker.

Available online at:


Check it out



06.23.10 - 1914

The day is finally here. EP2010 is out today. You can order the cd from us here or get the digital version on Bandcamp or the Vampire Freaks Music Store. It will be available from iTunes and other digital retailers shortly. Also, we're going on tour again.



04.02.10 - 1427

The website has undergone a few changes. We've ditched the webstore. Instead, you can order records, cds, t shirts etc. from us RIGHT HERE using PayPal (or you can send money to our PO Box).
If you're looking for downloads you can purchase, go to our brand spanking new page at BandCamp.
It's a badass new site for musicians where you can get LOSSLESS audio files, and all the money goes directly to the artists (minus PayPal taking their cut). We've got more live videos up at youtube, and we're opening for 16volt and Chemlab in May.

Also, tours are being booked. And the new ep is very close to completion. Who wants vinyl?



12.14.09 - 1524

We are working on lots of new music. If everything goes according to plan, we'll have at least an EP or two out in time for spring. Also, a tour documentary is being cut together from video taken during our last tour to Western Canada with Adaptive Reaction. A teaser trailer is already online here.



09.07.09 - 1612

We are now offering FREE DOWNLOADS of Time and Place, Your Face, and Psychic Warfare as 192kbps MP3s. Download them now and share with all of your friends.

Don't forget that we're heading on tour in Eastern Canada next week. Check the live page to see when we're playing near you.



06.27.09 - 1644

The split 7" with Adaptive Reaction is out NOW! Finally you can hear SKULL DUTY as it was meant to be heard, ON VINYL! 400 copies on black, 100 on red. Available through our webstore. Or if you're in Toronto you can pick up your copy at Soundscapes, Sonic Boom, or Rotate This.

Also, a new album is on the way with another cross Canada tour. Details soon.


05.14.09 - 1342

The webstore is working again, but currently only has downloads available. More items will be added soon, including the Split 7" with Adaptive Reaction. New album slated for release in the fall (hopefully September 23rd) with some Canadian touring to follow. Stay tuned for more info.


04.11.09 - 0058

The webstore is messed up. We'll figure it out tomorrow.


04.02.09 - 0057

Eastern Canada tour dates up. 7" is at the pressing plant. Skull Duty video coming soon.


02.16.09 - 11:50PM

Happy Family Day

We've been on Skull Duty. And we have pictures and video to prove it.

02.13.09 - 2:59AM

New pictures up from St. Thomas and The Hunger Cabaret. April tour with Adaptive Reaction is being booked. Dates TBA very soon. Expect new Promonium releases in a variety of analog mediums.


01.05.09 - 3:23AM

New site online. Finally. Our webstore now has downloads available, in addition to CDRs and shirts. Go buy some digital music, it is the future after all.

If the webstore isn't totally smooth, please remember we're still working out the kinks.